Saturday, January 12, 2008

Upcoming Games of 2008: Part I

Hello there. It’s that time of the year once again when we sit you down and educate you on all the upcoming games you can expect across all major platforms this year. And by major platforms we mean the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 (since the Wii has not launched in India officially and procuring Wii games in India can be a bit of a bitch – one of my colleagues was spotted stalking gray market dealers for a copy of Super Mario Galaxy!)

Handheld gaming seems to have picked up once again with the new PSP Slim-n-Lite hitting Indian markets in 2007, so we’ll give you the lowdown on some cool PSP games as well.

On Halloween we had published our Upcoming Horror games of 2008, which included ten of the games we were about to mention in this list as well. Since we really don’t like repeating ourselves why don’t you head right there, crap your pants, and head back.

Platform: PC
Release Date: March/April 2008
When Crytek and Ubisoft parted ways, the Far Cry franchise (which, by the way, was developed by Crytek) stuck with the French publisher while the German developer decided to make our PCs spasm with Crysis. Far Cry 2 will still retain the sandbox feel of the original game but this time round the action has shifted to Africa and will apparently take the whole “Go anywhere, Do anything” ideology to the next level by offering players over 50 square miles to mess around with (remember, the vast expanses of Oblivion just extended to around 16 square miles). Oh and this time, you’ll be able to heal yourself by actually ripping the bullet out from your wound with your bare hands… whoa! Unfortunately this game is a PC exclusive right now but we’re hoping Ubisoft change their minds really fast.