Sunday, July 13, 2008

Toshiba Protege G910 Smartphone Has Big Potential, Ultimately Disappoints

When you look at the spec sheet for the Toshiba Protege G910 Windows Mobile smartphone, it looks incredibly impressive. Perhaps the most notable feature is that glorious WVGA display, boasting a pixel density that's about the best in the business. Unfortunately, it seems that the cons outweigh the pros on this phone.

Starting with the good, the PocketNow reviewer makes mention of the great display, very usable QWERTY keyboard, plenty of wireless options (aGPS, WiFi, HSDPA), and even an OLED-backlit screen. In its closed position, the Protege G910 is simple, yet elegant. That extending stylus looks pretty good too.

And then you get the bad. The performance is "laggy", the USB 2.0 support is missing, and the keyboard doesn't keep pace with your fingers. It also sucks that it's only running on WM6 when everyone else is doing Windows Mobile 6.1. Going further, this smartphone has a sub-par camera, huge size, nearly useless fingerprint security, dim display, and a tiny external screen. Boo.