Friday, June 27, 2008

Now Use New & Improved Google Reader

Google Reader is indispensable for Google users who like to keep tabs on Web sites of their choice. To make things even easier for Reader users, Google has now simplified the way feeds are added.

Explaining the functioning of the new and improved Google Reader on its blog, Ionut Alex Chitu said that earlier, users needed to click on "Add subscription" and then either type either the address of the site or enter some keywords. After entering some keywords like [Google blog] or [new scientist], Google Reader would display a list of results mostly obtained using standard Web search.

Here, Google Reader would display the list of Web search results, in the process, filtering Web pages that didn't have feeds. The approach worked well in most cases, except for when search results included pages from Wikipedia or YouTube, sites with irrelevant feeds.

Now when a user enters a navigational query in the 'Add Subscription' box, Google Reader will directly subscribe to the top result. An example cited by Chitu is if you say type [new scientist], Google Reader will automatically subscribe you to New Scientist's feed, but that's not the case when you enter a more general query like say [scientist].