Monday, January 14, 2008

Yahoo! Maps Introduces Driving Directions

Yahoo! India, has introduced driving directions and community search on its existing Yahoo! India maps offering at

Users can search for directions between 179 cities, 4767 towns, and 226114 villages and also search for about 3 million points of interest marked by Internet users from around the web.

Yahoo! India Maps understands queries in a conversational style like "From Hard Rock café, Mumbai to Lower Parel Railway Station, Mumbai" or "ATMs near Forum Mall, Bangalore". It also provide landmarks along the route, the count of roads between turns and the areas that they will enter and leave. Apart from calculating the distance and time taken for travel, the instruction set also takes care of One Ways and even Auto Rickshaw fares in major cities. Users of Yahoo! India Maps can send Driving Directions to their mobile phones as an SMS. They can pan and zoom to any point on the map, right click and ask for directions from or to that point.

Sharad Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, Yahoo! India, R&D, said
"At Yahoo! India R&D, we are constantly innovating to develop product and services that make the lives of our users easier. Driving directions & Community Search will make Yahoo! India maps more compelling and deepen our engagement with users."