Friday, January 18, 2008

CoD 4: Rank Up, Soldier!

Now that you know how the Rank and Unlock systems work, it’s time to get dirty and earn some experience points. Even with the knowledge of how things work, the game might seem a little daunting to new players. So be patient, follow our tips, and you’ll be just fine:

You might be a Counter Strike or Battlefield veteran and feel like you know your guns pretty well, but trust me when I say that the guns handle a lot different in CoD 4. For starters, while gun recoil is present, it’s much more forgiving in this game; so you can actually run around wildly with your trigger pulled down at times. This works mainly with submachine guns since they’re meant for close-quarter battles.

As usual, assault rifles are ideal for midrange combat since they’re far more accurate, but less maneuverable. What I’m trying to say is: choose the right tool for the job. After you play a whole map cycle on a particular server, you’re bound to understand the maps a little better. Pay attention to what kind of combat you’re involved in most of the time and select your weapon accordingly.

If there are long corridors or open stretches in the map, an assault rifle may be viable. In that case, I suggest you stick to the M16 and work your way to M16 Marksman Level I, II and eventually III. Doing this with this weapon (or any other) will allow you to get more than 1500 bonus experience!

If the map you’re playing has a lot of closely-knit areas (such as Shipment or, to an extent, Wetwork), using an SMG is a better option initially. Pick up the MP5 since it’s an effective weapon that's very easy to use. Again, when you decide on the weapon, use it till you complete all three Marksman Challenges (which involves getting only 150 kills; very doable if you’d ask me) with that weapon.