Saturday, January 19, 2008

AOL Test IM for the Deaf

AOL has announced a new real-time text function in its popular AOL Instant Messaging, allowing deaf or hard of hearing users to see each other's text live as it is typed.

This feature, now being beta tested as AIM 6.8, was created together by Gallaudet's Technology Access Program (TAP), the Trace Center at University of Wisconsin, Madison, and AOL.

This feature allows AIM "buddies" to see each other's text, letter by letter, as it is typed, rather than having to wait until the message is complete before it can be seen.

The real-time feature in AIM adds a conversational flow to messaging and allows for interruption while maintaining the AIM look and feel, with previous messages displayed above the typing window.

Click here for installation instructions for AOL 6.8 beta.